Binging with Babish: Cookie Cat from Steven Universe

Birt 16 feb 2021
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Cookie Cat: a pet for your tummy, super-duper-yummy, and an adorable refugee from a distant plant who tragically left his family behind. Today we’re endeavoring to find the best way to bring this favorite snack of Steven’s to life: both as a quick and easy project, and with some more advanced techniques!
Music: "Juparo" by Broke for Free
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  • I don’t trust anyone who can take a bite out of ice cream

  • Steven cullinary universe


  • Yass

  • >

  • nice

  • Soon: Cookie Cat from Metalocalypse. "CUT OUT YOUR COOKIE CAT. CUT OUT ITS EYES."

  • Man said saucepn

  • this is amazing i love it!

  • So quick question, Why didn't you just whip the puree in with the cream, instead of folding it in?

  • Hi babish

  • I gotta make this now 😭😭💜💜

  • That is an old episode of Steven universe and I watch all of Steven even the minisodes.

  • Please make Tubby Toast from Teletubbies!

  • S A U S E P E N

  • I just sent this to my mom cuz she watches your channel. MY RECOMMENDED HAS NOT FAILED ME.

  • PTSD ensues

  • Next you should make Mr. Galini’s “Coconut Cream Pie” from iCarly

  • C🐯

  • Ayye

  • nossa nossa assim voce me mata ai se eu te pego ai ai se eu te pego

    • Dad: helpn't Family Economy Mom: help her child to growths Cookie Cat: Discord 8 bit

  • I wanted him to remove the eyes completely

  • ICarly FatCakes

  • I ain't using no snotted cream

  • tbh steven unizerse is a terrible show

  • 5:44 'so we're gonna cut out our cookie cats, cut out their eyes- t h a t s o u n d s w r o n g'

  • *eats it* _"my tummy hurts a lil"_

  • C O O K I E C A T

  • And that kids is how Steven figured out his powers

  • Man, I'm angry. My internet doesn't work but also does? Nothing loads neatly man. This is not related to the video I'm just angry. >:(

  • I can see why he likes it so much

  • I like how he's aware about the fact that "cut their eyes out" sounds so wrong

  • Can you do a potato from attack on titan

  • caet........... caetttttt..........................

  • cat!

  • Dad: helpn't Family Economy Mom: help her child to growths Cookie Cat: Discord 8 bit


  • i forgot how high pitched Steven's voice was in S1

    • That’s sorta what ruined the show for me when watching it, even as a kid with no standards. I absolutely hate when cartoons are too loud, too annoying, or too high pitched, which Steven ticks all those boxes.

  • What happened to Cookie Cat's family after he left them behind?

  • Wonder why only 1,969,300 people wanted to know how to make Cookie Cat... Yes it's that exact I checked the description...

  • Ooooo

  • You are a BEAST for making this

  • when he bit the ears off it looked like the slimes from genshin impact

  • 🎶 "Cookie Cat! He's a pet for your tummy! Cookie Cat! He's super duper yummy! Cookie Cat! He left his family behind! Cookie Caaaaat! Now available at Gurgens off Route 109!" 🎶

  • *Sobs in the end of Steven Universe*

  • way too much salt. The ice cream is having trouble freezing correctly and tastes a bit salty even after cutting the salt in half since I'm using table salt and assumed you are using kosher

  • What radioactive site did you pluck those strawberries from?

  • Hi I’d give that cookie 100% perfect as my horse dandy would say yummmmmm she eats anything lol

  • 2:12 Oh so we are calling that a "weird" shaped ice cream sundae.


  • Next you should make Mr. Galini’s “Coconut Cream Pie” from iCarly

  • Another fantastic show and recipe


  • Im probably gonna get the cutter from etsy

  • You have to appreciate that when he thinks it's fun for kids to do as well, he makes an easy version of the project :)

  • 3:29 yeah *ANDY*

  • Yah in-n-out put some food coloring in your soft serve I’m not going there to be healthy

  • anyone else here from that jerma meme?

  • Cookie kitty! 🥰 🍪 🐱

  • Cookie Cat. *_he’s edible like the rest._*

  • "Cut out the eyes,that sounds wrong."

  • ok now I want a Maxibon that I have not been able to find for years :(

  • The curious turret reversely pinch because watch parenthetically appear against a yummy bedroom. kindly, witty mattock

  • Do the sandwich from 17 AGAIN

  • U Never do anything spanish 🥺

  • Clodded cream

  • Scary how you made them the size of an actual cat head....

  • Back when steven universe was decent

  • I bet girls think they like it but really the point is mute bc everyone knows they have no taste anyway.

  • Babish can you make the TORONE from Temptation Stairway?

  • Cookie cat he faked his taxes

  • you should do peanut butter squares from bravest warriors! catbug says it so cute

  • ooooh... i have an idea to make this for a crush. They are vegan so coconut ice-cream, roast balsamic strawberry and real mint swirl flavor and then choco cake cat. Perfect, thanks Babish

  • next leblanc curry from persona 5?

  • the way he says saucepan is both soothing and discomforting

  • ya know what, cookie cat is bacc in steven universe future


  • ‏كيفك كان بطني

  • 4,199th

  • Why do you say "Saucepan" as "Saucepin"?

  • Missed opportunity to make a "clod" joke when you showed the clotted cream.

  • I really miss the old intro song....."hey baby, I hear the blues uh calling, tossed salads and scrambled eggs! "

  • Make the pizza calzone ice bear made on we bare bears

  • Love how he makes a quick and easy version, and then just pulls out every single card in his spatula and makes the ultra hardcore level 100 mafia chef version

  • Hi Babish! Can you please make the items House MD cooks and eats in his series. That ‘embryonale’ (i may have spelt it wrong) he makes Thirteen try. Or the ragu. Even the special sandwich his newly non comatose and transplant donor patient wants. (I think it’s a philly hoagie with spaghetti in it).

  • i need someone to make rigjuice

  • You should do the biscuits from Ted Lasso!

  • Next you gotta make poke puffs from poekmon

  • Why does Babish try 100x harder on Stephen Universe stuff than any other cartoon and most other videos... they're not even complex recipes that NEED extra effort :(

  • Is it just me or is anyone else unable to stop looking at the fact that the knobs on the oven and the door looks like a face

  • he... he ate the ears first what a cultured man

  • You should do the Chocolate surprise from Agent cody Banks 2

  • I'm going to try using brownies instead of cake.

  • Make Powdered Doughnut Pancake Surprise from South Park!

  • COOKIE CAT!!!!!

  • You made my childhood dream snack come true.

    • When I first saw the thumbnail I thought it was an old video

  • Welp, Babbish put more effort in the making of this ice cream than Sugar did in the freaking show

    • just wondering is there a reason why the model didn't get run under hot/warm water to cut out the ice cream and re-freeze

  • He left his family so ge could die of getting eaten


  • If you can, I would love to see your take on Poké Puffs or Pofflés from Pokémon!